“Achieve your own ‘Naked’ best with Mike Roussell’s breakout nutritional system, tossing out calorie counting while you learn strip away the fat and feed your body for muscle growth.” 



GUARANTEED nutrition manual available.


From: Mike Roussell

Thursday, 10:00am


Dear Friend,


Have you struggled to lose weight AND build muscle? 


Are you tired of obsessively counting calories? 


Are you fed up with lifting weight 4 times a weeks and still having people ask if you workout (because they can’t tell by looking at you)?


Do you feel lost when considering what diet supplements are right for you? 


If you have answered yes to any (or all) of the questions above, you are definitely not alone.  Too often when trying to change our physiques we:


  • Obsess with counting calories
  • Restrict intake to such a point that we are deprived of the foods our body needs to properly function
  • Or, eat SO much in an attempt to gain muscle that we end up just… fat.


My name is Mike Roussell and I’d like to invite you to participate in my exclusive nutrition system.  This program lays out step by step how to utilize correct nutrient sources, proportions, and timing to:


      -Reduce body fat

      -Build muscle

      -Enhance performance

      -Achieve better health.


I’ve spent years of study devoted to capturing the wonders of how to use the right foods and supplements to fuel and change your body. 


After recieving my bachelor's degree in Biochemistry, I went on to medical school, hoping to change the world by guiding patients’ to take on better eating and exercising lifestyles.  However, I quickly realized nutrition wasn't a main focus of medical school or being a physician.


A tough decision followed and I left medical school to get my Ph.D. in Nutrition.  Fortunately, that brings us to today and to this manual. 


After being hounded by my colleagues for months to put together a comprehensive manual that outlines the exact steps I have used to melt body fat and pile on muscle for countless people.  For months I sat in front of my computer, day after day, distilling down all the effective nutrition strategies that I've taken from research, colleagues, books, clients, and personal experience.  When I was finished Your Naked Nutrition Guide was created.


Your Naked Nutrition Manual will save you years of

trial and error, struggles, and mediocre results.


I know. 


This system has been born after years of my own personal struggles to find good nutrition information to support my desire to improve my physique and build muscle. 


“Mike Roussell has put together an excellent manual covering the nutrition basics for optimal performance to help you reach your goals faster, safer, and more effectively.  This is a great resource that everyone should have on their bookshelf.  I have read 100's of different nutrition manuals and books, but Mike's is one of the best that has crossed my desk in a long time.  With Mike's sound explanations and user friendly information, nutrition will no longer be a struggle.  It's a great tool to have in your arsenal to help you succeed!”

Christopher R. Mohr, PhD, RD, CSSD
President, Mohr Results, Inc



I got involved in weight training and fitness like many people do, as a clueless high school kid picking up my first body building magazine in the supermarket.  Immediately I became hooked on fitness and what I needed to feed my body to obtain results.  Just like you, I suffered years of diet wanderings, trying every new headline fad. 


I remember for a brief period I even drank a gallon of milk (or more) everyday, thinking some magical properties of milk with its added calories and protein would help me build muscle.  The only thing I got from that disaster nutritional trial was a lifetime of lactose intolerance!  I could go on about my mistakes but that’s not why you’re here.


 Fortunately, with Your Naked Nutrition Guide you don’t have to fall victim to the same dietary traps and fads that I did.



Inside Your Naked Nutrition Guide you will discover:


  • Why weighing yourself once a week is a bad idea
  • How to achieve the body you have been yearning for without counting calories
  • Goal setting techniques that allow you to reach your target 2x’s as fast
  • Exactly what food to eat to burn fat and build muscle
  • The 6 Pillars of Nutrition that you must follow
  • How simple it is to harness the power of the biggest break through in sports nutrition
  • What supplements are essential to your success


Here are common questions that are answered inside this comprehensive system…




“What foods and how much food should I eat?”


Inside Your Naked Nutrition Guide I show you how to build your own meal plans.  I lay out just how to determine when you should eat certain types of foods and how much you should eat.


To make it even simpler for you, I have created meal templates.  I show you how much food to eat at each meal and you just pick the foods you like to eat.


"I get the feeling that you're going to get responses with phrases like ‘effective’, ‘straight forward’, ‘no fluff’, ‘to the point’, ‘no BS’ when people refer to Naked Nutrition.  You've taken the most important, and often times most confusing, component of a successful physical transformation program to promote fat loss or muscle gain and have mixed all of the key information down into one of the most concise guides available.  The reader will be able to implement your easy-to-follow system the same day they read it.  Great work!"

Bill Hartman

Bill Hartman, P.T., C.S.C.S.



“What supplements should I take?”


Supplements are an extremely hot topic and that is why I have created a whole section in my system devoted to supplementation.  By using the Supplement Pyramid you can quickly determine


  • What are the three supplements you must take.
  • Which protein powder is best for you
  • What supplements have been shown by science to enhance performance
  • How to tell if that popular “fat burner” is really burning fat



“What foods should I eat during and after a workout? 

Will carbohydrates prevent fat loss?”


In Chapter 4, I outline for you

  • What are the essential components of workout nutrition
  • What the research really says about fat loss and workout carbohydrates
  • Why not eating (or drinking) during your workout sets your body up for disaster!



“Does your system cover only fat loss nutrition?”


NO.  Your Naked Nutrition Guide is a comprehensive nutritional system that lays out for you practical ways to modify your nutritional plan for either fat loss or muscle growth.


“There aren't many nutritional resources out there that when I immediately finish reading, think to myself, ‘wow...I am officially smarter.’  Naked Nutrition is one such resource. Mike Roussell has put together a manual that is full of practical yet up-to-date and proven information that the reader can put to use TODAY, and start seeing results within days.  Rest assured that this is no quick fix dieting manual.  Mike does a superb job in laying out a detailed format that will guide you to long term success.”

Tony Gentilcore
Tony Gentilcore, CSCS



You’re probably thinking…


“That’s great but does it work?”



The best part is that theNaked Nutrition System gets results…guaranteed


How can I do that? 


Well to be perfectly honest I have some friends in the industry that think I’m crazy for making this guarantee but I know if you put the strategies that are outlined in this system into action then you will:


-Reduce body fat

      -Build muscle

      -Enhance performance

      -Achieve better health.


I want you to invest in this system risk free



To make this possible Your Naked Nutrition Guide is backed by the Fitness and Nutrition Industry’s Strongest Guarantee. 


In fact, I'll give you TWO guarantees.


  • 30-day Unconditional, No Forms, No B.S., No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Additional 90-day Conditional Guarantee

If after having the Naked Nutrition Manual for a full 12 weeks, you are not satisfied, just return the manual to me along with a letter stating that you have honestly put into practice the “6 Pillars of Nutrition” (as outlined in the manual).  If this didn’t result in less fat and more muscle for your body, I will gladly refund 100% of the purchase price.



Unfortunately in this letter I haven’t been able to even touch on the wealth of information found in Your Naked Nutrition Guide but I’m sure you get the idea this system is loaded with practical, results driven, strategies that will propel you to the body you want.



If that’s not enough…


To sweeten the “pot” even more, I convinced some of my friends in the fitness industry to provide for you cutting edge strength training programs that fit perfectly with the Naked Nutrition System.  To be completely honest just the bonuses alone will convenience you that this system is worth every penny.



 SUPER BONUS #1 – 4 Week Hypertrophy Sprint ($350 Value)

One of the most in demand strength coaches in the country, Alwyn Cosgrove has written a 4 week hypertrophy training routine that will pack the muscle on any hardgainer.  Clients cheerfully pay Alwyn $350 for him to design programs like this but he is graciously providing it to you today for FREE.



SUPER BONUS #2 – Naked Nutrition Training ($104 Value)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Jimmy Smith has compiled a 9 week training program that is designed to strip off those extra layers of bodyfat and then pile on loads of lean mass.  Jimmy is quickly becoming the go to guy in the state of Connecticut for results. In addition Jimmy has provided a special link in this special report to 50 more workouts exclusive to Naked Nutrition owners.



SUPER BONUS #3 – The Fat Loss Experience ($73 Value)

If you want to get your fat burning started but don't know where to begin with your training don't worry. Nate Green, the one all the veteran trainers are talking about, has designed a 6 week fat loss program that will crank up your metabolism so you can drop those 10 pounds to get back to your college weight.





Only the next 500 428 people have the opportunity to take advantage of this time sensitive bonus. 

The first 500 people that invest in Your Naked Nutrition Manual will be invited to a one-time only V.I.P 1.5 hour Question and Answer teleseminar where I will personally answer all their nutrition questions. 

Normally people pay $100 an hour for my nutritional phone consultation services.  But, if you are one of the first 500 then you are invited to receive this $150 value FREE.



In case you haven’t been counting, just the bonuses alone are worth over $614.



Fortunately, you can invest in Your Naked Nutrition Manual for just a tiny fraction of that.  This manual is actually greatly underpriced.  At a recent seminar Alwyn Cosgrove called me an “idiot” for asking so little for this system .  But I don’t care.  I want everyone to have this information.  But because Alwyn keeps emailing me telling how stupid I’m being -I am going to increase the price like he recommends. 


But for now (and I don’t know how long now will be) you can invest in Your Naked Nutrition Manual plus receive the three free Super bonuses and an invitation to the VIP teleseminar (if it is still available) for only $64.



Unfortunately there are going to be people who walk away from this offer and they are doomed to struggle with their nutrition.  If you are one of those people, I'm sorry I can’t do anything for you.


But, if you want to take action today.  If you are tired of not knowing what to eat to reach your goals, then act now.  I can help change your body.


Click Here to Invest in Your Naked Nutrition Guide now with our SECURE SERVER


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P.S. Remember you can invest risk free because your purchase is backed by TWO, 100% money back guarantees.


P.P.S.  Act now and take advantage of the VIP Teleseminar where I will answer your nutrition questions.




Michael Roussell

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